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We love to clean and know not everyone does neither do they have the time to, however, everyone desires a clean space. With this reason, we have made it our full time job to help people live and work in clean space without a hassle. The Clean Fox team will always show up in smile and a sponge. We will not leave your space until it is sparkling. We assure you that you space will be treated like our very own, with respect and integrity
Clean Fox Cleaning Service is dedicated to delivering top-quality cleaning services while prioritizing customer satisfaction. We use eco-friendly products and advanced techniques, aiming to exceed industry standards. Our approach is customer-centric, tailoring services to individual needs and consistently striving to surpass expectations. Environmental responsibility is a core value, employing sustainable practices to minimize ecological footprint. We empower our team through training and support, fostering a culture of trust and continuous learning. Community engagement and giving back are integral to our mission, alongside a commitment to innovation and adaptability in the industry. Safety and security are paramount in every cleaning project they undertake. Ultimately, Clean Fox aspires to be more than just a cleaning service, aiming to create healthier, happier spaces while contributing to a cleaner, greener future.
Clean Fox Cleaning Service envisions becoming the unparalleled leader in the cleaning industry, marked by an unwavering commitment to several key principles:

1. Uncompromising Quality: They aim to set the standard for cleaning excellence, revitalizing every space they touch.

2. Environmental Stewardship: They lead in sustainable cleaning practices, pioneering eco-friendly solutions to benefit both clients and the planet.

3. Empowered Team: Clean Fox fosters an environment where team members thrive and take pride in their work, ensuring exceptional service.

4. Exceeding Expectations: They strive to go above and beyond, anticipating and meeting individual client needs with personalized experiences.

5. Community Enrichment: Beyond cleaning, they aim to enrich the communities they serve by partnering with local initiatives and giving back.

6. Technological Advancements: They leverage cutting-edge technology to refine their processes, ensuring efficiency and staying ahead of industry trends.

7. Global Impact: While rooted locally, Clean Fox aspires to make a global impact by promoting sustainability and setting new standards for hygiene worldwide.

In pursuit of this vision, Clean Fox is dedicated to being a catalyst for positive change, transforming cleaning into a truly transformative experience that enhances quality of life.

Our Founder
Ayolade Sonuga, CEO.

My name is Lade, I am the owner of Clean Fox LLC, I have a Masters Degree in Business and certified in several IT fields. I have been in the service industry for more than 10 years, i have worked for several big names in the industry. Decided to start my own business in cleaning with provisional services to my clients. My vision as the owner is to create value with my clients and to build a cleaner and better environment for our growing communities.
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